Skand Nath
2 min readJun 9, 2021

One day I was walking home from my school. It was midday and the sun was raging sweat was curling down my face. While I was walking I saw that the wallet of the man walking in front of me dropped. I crouched and picked it up to give it to him but by that time he suddenly vanished. The man clearly looked like a foreigner going by his complexion and dressing style. When I realised that he got on the bus to the Airport .

Like a responsible citizen I thought that I could follow him and give back his wallet but unfortunately the next bus to Airport was to reach the bus stop after an hour. In order to get the persons address I looked at the contents of the wallet and was shocked to see the amount of money he was carrying in cash, he was carrying ten thousand dollars that is seven and a quarter lakh rupees. What bedazzled me more was the gold biscuit that was in the small pocket of the wallet. I could not comprehend why someone would carry such a humongous amount of money in his wallet.

I quickly looked at the card where his name and address was written and hired a taxi to reach his house. When I reached there I was greeted by his servant I asked him “where is Mr. Elvis is he at home?” The servant said “ No, he left for Bombay today. Why are you here?” I answered “Your master had dropped his wallet on his way home I wanted to return it”. On hearing my words his face lit up and he said “ I am not the servant of Elvis I am his friend”.

I could not understand what he meant. He then explained that he and Elvis had wagered a bet. “Elvis had said that the people of India had no values and would never return a dropped wallet. I wagered a bet with him that they would surely return it and to prove my point staged this act. Thank you for helping me prove my point.” I replied “It was my pleasure” and I went home. A few days later the man sent me a beautiful model of an aeroplane as a token of appreciation.