Is a businessman master over himself?

Skand Nath
2 min readJun 15, 2021

I have just started studying commerce and one of the first things that I noticed was that the book said that a businessman is a master over himself and I strongly disagree to this point. Every businessman is bound to follow the advice of his accountants, investors and employees. The suggestion by every man in the company matters. The business consists of 4M’s men, material, machinery and money. A business cannot be centre’s around one man if that is the case then the business must be a non-scalable business. For progress of the business a person has to be open minded open to the suggestions and ideas of others. All successful businessmen have always taken decisions based on the advice of professionals. The sentence “a businessman is a master over himself” is itself in my views incorrect. Every man be it a businessman or a professional or a employee no one is a master over himself because he is bound by the advise of his family. I believe the only man who is a master over himself is the orphaned beggar sitting on the side of the road he is unfettered by any of the forces mentioned above. I believe we are more well off not being master over ourself and thank God for it.

BUT we should be a master over ourselves the meaning of this phrase changes with the context. We should all have self control. The man who gains the ability to establish control over his body is rendered free of the unlimited cycle of rebirth. Both Hindu and Buddhist religion emphasises on the importance of control over all seven chakras of the body.

Thus, we should be a “master over ourselves” but not be a “master over ourselves”.