Increase in MSP for next Kharif season

Debunking the myth of removal of MSP

Skand Nath
2 min readJun 10, 2021

The MSP is the rate at which the government purchases crops from farmers, and is based on a calculation of at least one-and-a-half times the cost of production incurred by the farmers. There was a rumour that was circulated that the government has done away with the Minimum Support Price. This had caused widespread disappointment in farmers even though this was not true. The farmers had flocked to the capital in Delhi in order to protest. The disturbing elements in our society were even able to fan hatred in them and they caused a lot of destruction of public property and bodily harm to police officers during a rally. The Indian flag in Red Fort was also disgraced by some of the unwanted elements using the innocent farmers as a vest.

Yesterday the government has increased the MSP by 5–6 percent for the coming Kharif season. The decision was taken by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs yesterday. This is a major move in debunking the rumour that the farm bills have done away with Minimum Support Price in India.

The government has fixed the rate at least fifty percent higher than the cost of growing these crops thereby providing financial security to these farmers.

This move has left the farmer unions with no ground to continue with the protest but the leaders of these farmer unions are adamant and are not refusing to budge. Rakesh Tikait and other “self proclaimed” leaders of farmers who are supposedly protecting the rights of the farmers are causing farmers much more harm. These leaders are proclaiming that the increase in MSP is just a lie that the government is telling the farmers.

Some of them are also saying that the MSP on maize is too less. Even though the increase in the MSP for maize may be minimal but it signifies that the government is not against the farmers. The government decides the fair amount taking into account various factors of economy. Some of the farmer leaders are also saying that the price is not keeping up with the inflation. I believe this argument is baseless did the Indian rupee inflate this much in the last few months that the farmers were able to support their families at that time but now they do not have enough money.

Agricultural activities account for 14 percent of India’s GDP and not supporting the farmers will be detrimental to India’s economy therefore the government cannot afford to disregard the farmers importance in our country. Government had introduced the farm bills in order to ameliorate the financial state of the farmers. These unnecessary protests are only causing wastage of time and money of the Indian public and these protests should be stopped now.